There is no doubt that the esports industry has witnessed phenomenal growth. One of the reasons
behind the explosive growth is the variety of games the industry has to offer. Esports comes with 40+
titles that have something in store for everyone. These game titles cater to the needs of not only players
but also keep the punters engaged. From shooters to battle royal, from sports to combat, esports keeps
everyone entertained.

No wonder when it comes to picking esports games for esports betting platform, business owners strive
to hit the nail. After all, one wrong move can cost them huge audiences, bettors, as well as viewership.

So which games make all the headlines? Which games attract the bettors as well as players and which
ones should you choose for your sports betting platform?

Before we find out, let’s take a look at the scope of the esports betting industry.

What’s in store for developers

As a developer, you know that career opportunities are vast. The increasing demand for tech professionals
has created intense competition among IT companies for the best talent. Offering work-life balance,
fitness opportunities, exotic destinations for team building are only a few of the benefits companies offer
as incentives to attract outstanding people.

However, career decisions are not made solely on the bases of benefits you get from working for a certain
company. The opportunity to work for an in-house development company creates additional benefits
that go beyond the common perks mentioned above.

Working towards a common goal

You and your teammates are all working towards accomplishing the same goal. This creates a sense of
fellowship that makes working and sharing the same success a much more rewarding experience. Your
teammates know EXACTLY what it is like to work on that project.

Another important thing to note here is that in-house development requires employees to fully commit &
work towards developing the best product possible. This means that recruiters must pick the right
developer who will not only do the job but also comfortably fit into the team. Thanks to this, it is very likely
that your team will consist of people who have the right approach towards developing the in-house
product, while at the same time laugh on one of the jokes you just told the team. 😄

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